Post-it® Custom Printed Products

Artwork Checklist
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Complete Purchase Order Information
Product, Sheet Count, Ink Color, Layout, Size, Quantity, Paper Color, Shipping Information
Hard Copy
To accurately reproduce any file it is best that the customer a composite and a color-separated printout of all files. A PDF can be used in lieu of a paper printout to verify layout.
Information Supplied with Disks
3M can supply an information sheet for artists to use when preparing a disk. See your distributor.
Electronic Artwork Preferences
3M Stays Current on Software: Including Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
File Format: 3M supports a broad range of graphic files including:
Color: All graphics need to be in CMYK mode. RGB is not accepted. To help prevent delays, all the graphics need to be included on the disk. Use uncoated PMS colors for notes and sheet printing.
Art Size Requirements: Art files must be of a high resolution necessary for printing at 100% scale (300 dpi or vector).

See individual products for specific art requirements and printing restrictions.

Product templates are available for download — open to the public, no password needed. Go to the product page, scroll sown to view and click the download arrow icon.

Trap Information: Submit artwork without trap.
Compression Schemes: Zip: .zip (PC); Stuffit Deluxe: .sit or .sea (Mac)
Fonts Supported: 3M supports the entire library of Adobe Post Script Type 1 fonts. Convert any text that uses fonts other than Adobe Post Script Type 1 to graphics (i.e. convert to outlines or paths). If future typesetting will be required, the original font files must be included with the artwork file.

Adobe, Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign are trademarks of their respective owners.

Updated 01/01/18